Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Make Rock Sculptures

Gardening has always been a favorite past-time of mine.  Unfortunately, my yard is blessed with a plethora of rocks.  I couldn't just throw them into the neighbors yard.  They never appreciated the leaves and twigs I'd throw over the fence in Autumn, so I threw them under the Dogwood tree in the far corner of the yard.
The mess under there grew to the point that I started to put rocks on top of rocks - my idea of a rock garden.  But, then I started to realize that it would be more attractive to place the rocks so they looked interesting and attractive.  Thus, I started making rock sculptures.
Since I liked the sculptures so much, I thought it would be nice to share them with the world in which I live. Three years ago I began building them at the Oak Hill Condos in Penn Valley, PA.  The condo association left them up, and the residents would comment on how much they enjoyed seeing them.  That's all I needed to hear to start me thinking that this would be fun to do in other locations to provide some local, free public art.
From Bala Cynwyd to Radnor to Media I'd build my sculptures.  I'd put them up, and wait to see if the people who owned the sites left them up.  Some did and others didn't.  Just no accounting for some people's lack of taste. 
While re-building the one in front of The Hamper Shop on Montgomery Ave. in Narberth, a jogger stopped and asked if I was the person responsible for all the area rock sculptures.  When I said "yes" he said he was a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and wondered if they could do a story on me.  Well, who am I to deny the world this significant revelation, so I said "OK".
Here's where you can go to see the article:
This article brought a phone call from the Main Line Times.  They were hoping to "break" the story of the mystery rock sculptures, too.  Here's where you can go to see their article:

I'm still waiting for CNN and Wolf Blitzer to come calling, but am not holding my breath.  It's winter now and if you live anywhere near me, you're freezing cold.  It's not the ideal weather to be going out to build rock sculptures, though yesterday I was out in Radnor doing just that.  Here are photos of these newest works.

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