Saturday, March 31, 2012

NCAA Final Four

Sure, you say you don't care, but you know you'd rather not see Kentucky win this tournament.  I'm actually hoping Kansas wins, but would find Ohio State acceptable, too.  What this has to do with rock sculptures is far too intricate to explain here.  (You realize that men never grow up, which is why there are basketball games, baseball games, football games, etc. on TV every weekend.)  And it does make it difficult to find the time to go out and build rock sculptures.
Yet I did find the time to re-build the rock sculpture at Wynnewood train station twice.  I hope you can see the difference.  If you can't, you shouldn't even bother reading this blog.  And it probably indicates that you're a Kentucky fan and not worthy of further comments.  But to be honest, this isn't even what it looks like today, as I refined it this morning after finding that another rock sculpture wanna-be had changed it, making it look like a pile of rocks.  (It was a nice pile of rocks, but not an artistic pile of rocks.)

I've also been re-building the rock sculpture at Ardmore Ave. after it gets destroyed by the Rock Rubblers that tend to get great joy out of knocking it down.  This actually forces me to think of new ways to incorporate the rocks.  In this case, I thought it would be interesting to use the bottom granite block that has an angled surface as a plane for the long, flat granite rock and build around that formation.  I liked the result and it lasted for several days before being destroyed.

Thus, I re-built it anew.  Trying a little different placement of the large white rock.  (No, I have no idea what kind of rocks these are.  Mineralogy what not my major or minor in college.  I was thrilled to get the "C" in calculus and move on.  Hey, I did ace Ornithology which resulted in a great improvement in my cumulative average.)  So Euclid I am not.  Yet, I'm certain I'm giving Rodin a run for his stature in the sculpture society.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Is In the Air

Not even the middle of March and we are having ourselves a mini-Spring.  Temperatures and humidity in the delightful zone.  People walking around in flip-flops with no socks and short pants.  Not me, of course.  I wouldn't be caught dead looking like that.  (Well, maybe if I were dead....  Nope, not even then!)  And speaking of dead, the rock sculpture at The Hamper Shop was completely destroyed.  Unbelievable!!  It was holding up like a rock, which it actually is, only several of them balanced one upon another.  I guess the warmer weather brings out a lot of different insects, including the Rock Sculpture Rubbler, with it's pesky need to make rubble out of rock sculptures. 
So, before work this morning, I re-built the sculpture at The Hamper House, took my photos and got my coffee at Wawa.  (Bob at the Narberth Wawa says "Hi" to you all.)  Unfortunately, I didn't like the photos I took.  I had to wait till after work to return to take better ones.  See if you can tell which were from the morning and which in the evening.

As usual, the Ardmore Avenue sculpture was knocked down.  I was so pleased with how I re-built I took photos of it.  It now takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to build it.  The long, white marble slab is just a memory.  It fractured into multiple, small pieces, some of which I tossed into the surrounding shrubbery.  Who knows?  The day may come when I'll want them again.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amazement and Excitement at Penn at Radnor

It was an overcast, but mild day in the pleasant town of Radnor.  The people at Penn at Radnor hadn't seen the "Rock Sculpturer" in many, many weeks.  Some had said he was only a legend, and the pile of rocks on their property was just that - a pile of rocks.  But today he appeared and rebuilt the pile of rocks into a bigger pile of rocks.  Two of the folks who work at the facility (and knew of the "Rock Sculpturer" from a relative there-in) came by as I was finishing up my work.  They were awed (OK, maybe that's a bit much)  to meet the actual "Rock Sculpturer".  Offers to give them my autograph were politely declined.  Obviously, they were too star-struck to know what they were saying, but they agreed that the pile of rocks did look better now than it had previously.  These ladies certainly have good taste in art.

I moved on to Radnor Park and found that someone had tried to help restore my rock sculpture to its original glory.  They failed miserably.  It took a while to get it to a state in which I felt it could hold up to the stormy weather coming in this weekend.  With a little luck it should make it, except for the smaller rocks on the top.  They're goners for sure.  I'll have to make a return trip sooner rather than later.

Since I was in the area, I stopped to re-build the sculptures at Sproul Road and Lancaster Avenue.  One was still partially intact, while the other was mostly the dreaded "pile of rocks".  Some Canadian geese were gathered in the area, and were unhappy to have me drop by.  (They didn't realize I am the "Rock Sculpturer" or they would have been more respectful.)  As it was, they were definitely excited.  I re-built my two rock sculptures in the park-like area to the constant, honking criticism of the geese.  I think there's a good chance these sculptures may be covered with goose poop when I return.