Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amazement and Excitement at Penn at Radnor

It was an overcast, but mild day in the pleasant town of Radnor.  The people at Penn at Radnor hadn't seen the "Rock Sculpturer" in many, many weeks.  Some had said he was only a legend, and the pile of rocks on their property was just that - a pile of rocks.  But today he appeared and rebuilt the pile of rocks into a bigger pile of rocks.  Two of the folks who work at the facility (and knew of the "Rock Sculpturer" from a relative there-in) came by as I was finishing up my work.  They were awed (OK, maybe that's a bit much)  to meet the actual "Rock Sculpturer".  Offers to give them my autograph were politely declined.  Obviously, they were too star-struck to know what they were saying, but they agreed that the pile of rocks did look better now than it had previously.  These ladies certainly have good taste in art.

I moved on to Radnor Park and found that someone had tried to help restore my rock sculpture to its original glory.  They failed miserably.  It took a while to get it to a state in which I felt it could hold up to the stormy weather coming in this weekend.  With a little luck it should make it, except for the smaller rocks on the top.  They're goners for sure.  I'll have to make a return trip sooner rather than later.

Since I was in the area, I stopped to re-build the sculptures at Sproul Road and Lancaster Avenue.  One was still partially intact, while the other was mostly the dreaded "pile of rocks".  Some Canadian geese were gathered in the area, and were unhappy to have me drop by.  (They didn't realize I am the "Rock Sculpturer" or they would have been more respectful.)  As it was, they were definitely excited.  I re-built my two rock sculptures in the park-like area to the constant, honking criticism of the geese.  I think there's a good chance these sculptures may be covered with goose poop when I return.


  1. Hi Ed
    Your granddaughter- Beatrix Lily is beautiful and I am smitten
    with Olive ( your canine customer).

    Just saying hello.

    Your sculptures always are my sign of hope.

    Daylight Savings time- spring is almost here!

    1. Thanks Katie. I still enjoy doing them, but work takes up more time now that I'm retired from dentistry. Honest!