Friday, February 24, 2012

The Gift

I came home from work on Sunday and was greeted by my wife with the question, "Did you see your rock sculpture in front of the house?"  Well, the answer, of course, was, "No".  I thought it must be totally destroyed and needed to be re-re-re-built.  She took me outside to see the surprise.  Turns out someone left me a gift of a two foot long, white marble slab that was an inch thick and three inches wide.  It was in pristine condition.  (Certainly not how it looks today having gone through several tumbles and crushings.) 
I usually don't care for such obviously man-made "rocks", but as it was a gift, or, more likely, a throw-away, I decided to use it in the Ardmore Ave. sculpture next time I needed to re-build it.  (Like that was going to be a long wait.)
So here it is at the top of the sculpture, appearing as a long white line.  I was quite pleased with the look of this sculpture.  Wish it had stayed up a little longer, but fate had other plans.  (As we all know, the universe devolves toward chaos, and with rock sculptures that happens rather quickly.)

When I have the time, I can really make an interesting and complex rock sculpture.  (Yeah, yeah, I know, they're just an effing pile of rocks.)  But to me there is a certain beauty to the positioning, balance, coloring and textures of these natural materials.  The next time I built the rock sculpture with this marble piece, I was rushed to get to work.  The result is not nearly as striking.  (Or maybe it is, but not due to the long marble strip.)  The marble piece is further down and on the left side.  Yes, it is shorter.  It's now two pieces.  (Twice the gift it originally was!)  This is going to be a temporary (aren't all my sculptures?) work, since I wasn't able to balance it solidly.  Don't worry, you'll get to see it's next reincarnation.  

While doing a Google search on rock sculptures, I discovered this site.  It's really worth a look.

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