Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yes. It's Been a While.

So I'm re-building the sculpture at Ardmore Ave. and Lancaster Ave. for the umpteenth time before going into work at Pet Valu, when a man stops by and asks if I'm the person who does the sculptures.  Naturally, my first response, which I stifled, was, "No, I'm just a stupid idiot who stopped by to scatter the rocks around the lot".  But, he seemed to be a fan, so I bit my tongue and responded appropriately.  His daughter likes the sculpture and he wanted to pass on her appreciation. 
Well, she may like my work, but when I passed by after work, it was already knocked down.  I quickly cut across the traffic and turned into the lot to do a rapid re-do.  While I'm working on the sculpture, a man in a electric wheel-chair comes across the lot to where I am.  He slowly unzips his jacket and starts reaching into his coat.  And I'm standing there thinking,"If he pulls out a gun, I'm dead!  Why the hell would he pull out a gun?  I can't hit a guy in a wheelchair because he looks like he's pulling a gun on me.  Or can I?"  By this time he's already taken out his camera, and has started taking pictures of the rock sculpture.  Damn, am I glad I waited to see what he was going for in that jacket.
At any rate, these folks prompted me to get back to this blog.  I gave both of them my card.  You remember.  The card my wife, Gloria, had made for free for me.  It has this web site on it.  So, if either of the two gentleman who approached me take a peek, thank you for your kind words, and know that I'll still be re-building the sculpture till they make something on this corner and throw me out.

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