Saturday, February 11, 2012

So I Added Another Rock

Last night was cold and snowy.  This morning the rock sculpture at Ardmore Avenue was still up!  Oh, sure, one of the rocks had fallen off, but that was all.  Certainly to be expected considering I haven't cemented the rocks in place.  And since they aren't cemented, it gives me the opportunity to add (or take away) rocks.  Today I added a rock that had been sitting in the back of my car for weeks.  (Yeah, it's a special rock.  It's flat on two sides.)  (Sarcasm.)  I really just wanted it out of my back seat area.  I'm sure the person or people who knock down the sculpture will enjoy having more to knock down.

While getting ready to photograph the sculpture for posterity and you readers, an SUV pulled into the lot.  Drove right up to where I was, and stopped.  I walked over and had a nice talk with Randy.  He said he passes by the sculptures at the Wynnewood Train Station daily and wondered if I was the guy doing them. 
At this same time, a police car stops on Lancaster Avenue and the red and blue lights start flashing.  Is it me or the car in front of the cop?  I'm hesitant to admit anything to Randy at this point till I know where the cop's going.  And he goes to the car - yes!  

Turns out that Randy and I know the same people and live in the same area.  Not even six degrees of separation.  More like two.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate people taking the time to tell me that they enjoy seeing these rock sculptures.  It certainly helps to make up for all the time I find them totally destroyed.  (Must be those damned squirrels, right?)  So, here is the newest version of the rock sculpture at Ardmore Avenue.  


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