Friday, January 6, 2012

Another New Year. So It Could Be Worse!

An opportunity to start afresh is upon us.  I hadn't even realized that I needed to start afresh.  I thought I was doin' OK.  Let me check.  Yep, I'm doin' OK!  My rock sculptures, however, are still in a state of flux.  (That's a place in South Jersey where the Mob use rocks to help memorialize ex-friends visiting the fish in the river by the aquarium.)

The person or persons who destroy the sculpture at Ardmore Avenue haven't resolved to change their behavior with the New Year.  They knock it down and I build it up.  It's a really great location.  As I re-build it people yell out to me from their cars.  Either they want to thank me for building it, or they want to know what it is.  Like they've never seen a bunch of rocks before?  Well, certainly not a bunch like this.  Beautifully balanced one upon another, esthetically placed and doomed to be destroyed by some idiot that night.
But, then, there are other people who really do appreciate these rock sculptures.  On my way in to work, I spotted a car parked in the empty lot at Ardmore Avenue.  A woman was out of the car, kneeling down and photographing my rock sculpture.  By the time I drove back to the area, she was gone.  Damn.  She probably works for Architectual Digest.  I was so close to international fame and great wealth.  Sigh.

I've been spending a lot of time working (playing) at Pet Valu, and haven't spent as much time checking out the rock sculptures at the ends of my territory - Bala Cynwyd and Villanova.  I hope to get to them soon.  Meanwhile, I was in Media yesterday to have my teeth cleaned.  The sculpture in front of Media Lima Dental was in pretty good shape.  Only had to place a couple of smaller rocks back on it.  The one at the hair salon was completely knocked down.  I restored it to it's usual glorious appearance, and happily went home for lunch.

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