Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Gotten Colder

Christmas is just around the corner, and I'm all set.  Sent out my cards and got my gifts.  Of course the greatest gift was delivered on Nov.23rd when my granddaughter, Beatrix Lily, was born.  She has these wonderful, long, delicate fingers.  Obviously, the artistic gene has been passed on.  I've included a picture of her whistling.  This is one precocious child.  She's beautiful and intelligent.  (Hey, I am her grandfather, but I'm telling you the God's honest truth.)

Back to the rock sculptures.  Someone finally decided it was time to knock down the sculpture at Ardmore Ave.  No big surprise there, as it is in easy reach of the sidewalk, since the Christmas tree place has arrived.  I re-built the sculpture and took the photo so you can see the trees, just in case you want to stop by.  It's actually two sculptures next to each other with the smaller one slightly closer to the Christmas tree fence.  Yes, it is hard to tell from the photo.  So get up and go out and see it.  Jeez. but you guys are getting lazy.

As I'm re-building the sculpture, the people passing by tell me how much they love seeing it.  Guess they're not the guy knocking it down.  Better yet, no one has driven by and taken a shot at me.  Yeah, life is good.

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