Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Is In the Air

Not even the middle of March and we are having ourselves a mini-Spring.  Temperatures and humidity in the delightful zone.  People walking around in flip-flops with no socks and short pants.  Not me, of course.  I wouldn't be caught dead looking like that.  (Well, maybe if I were dead....  Nope, not even then!)  And speaking of dead, the rock sculpture at The Hamper Shop was completely destroyed.  Unbelievable!!  It was holding up like a rock, which it actually is, only several of them balanced one upon another.  I guess the warmer weather brings out a lot of different insects, including the Rock Sculpture Rubbler, with it's pesky need to make rubble out of rock sculptures. 
So, before work this morning, I re-built the sculpture at The Hamper House, took my photos and got my coffee at Wawa.  (Bob at the Narberth Wawa says "Hi" to you all.)  Unfortunately, I didn't like the photos I took.  I had to wait till after work to return to take better ones.  See if you can tell which were from the morning and which in the evening.

As usual, the Ardmore Avenue sculpture was knocked down.  I was so pleased with how I re-built I took photos of it.  It now takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to build it.  The long, white marble slab is just a memory.  It fractured into multiple, small pieces, some of which I tossed into the surrounding shrubbery.  Who knows?  The day may come when I'll want them again.

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