Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yeah, It's cold.

I always check my sculptures at the Wynnewood train station when I go to Wawa for my coffee fix.  The fierce winds we've had apparently blew them down.  usually, I take a hiatus from re-building during the winter, but this morning wasn't going to mark it's start.
Soooo, it's 26 degrees F.  I'm out there with no gloves, balancing these freezing rocks on top of each other till my finger tips turn numb.  Nothing wants to stay up, and the only saving grace is that it's Christmas morning, so no one is out except some die-hard joggers.  We looked at each other - they thinking I'm crazy and me thinking they're crazy.  Truth is we're all right.
Finally, got both sculptures up to par (for winter), but I couldn't take any photographs.  The little button on my camera is so small I couldn't get my numb finger to depress it.  Only thing to do was to drive on to Wawa, get my coffee and return later with warm hands to photograph my endeavors.
With 5 to 10 inches of snow called for tomorrow into Monday, I expect these will look quite different than they do today.


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