Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun in the Snow - Or Lack of Same

Winter isn't really the time of year that makes for good rock sculptures.  Of course, I should be living in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I would be much happier, and would see considerably less snow.  The weather report calls for more snow this Tuesday into Wednesday.  So, today's efforts were just for the hell of it - and that I'm that obsessive compulsive.
Unfortunately, the sculpture at the Wynnewood train station had fallen down.  Damn, I liked what I had re-built there.  Sure, I can re-make it like it was, however, it's 25 degrees F and the snow has covered all the rocks so I can't find them.  When I do find them, they're frozen to the ground and come loose with frozen earth stuck to them.  Even with gloves on my hands, my fingers freeze in minutes.  Thus, I limit my imagination and go for speed.  The result isn't too bad.  (Hey, remember, 25 degrees F!)

Enough snow had melted at the Gin Za Restaurant for me to do a quick re-build there.  Took a before picture and an after picture.  This one really was just a piling on of rocks, as my fingers were not about to co-operate on any intricate, architectural designs.  Does it look like it's leaning to the left?  Well, it is.  You got a problem wid dat?  Don't sweat it.  It won't be up by next weekend.  Should it ever warm up for a little while, I'll re-invent it into something nicer.

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  1. I saw a post that you made on a blog that I am following (The Scale Says What?). When I saw that you didn't have any followers yet, I thought that your unique rock sculptures needed to have an audience. I feel honored to be your first follower!