Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yes, I'm Crazy

I've really only paid attention to a few of my near-by rock sculptures during these frigid winter months.  And, of course, the one I most dearly love continues to be a problem.  It's the Wynnewood Train Station, again. 
Anyone who knows me knows I hate the cold weather.  A winter vacation to Vail, Colorado might as well be a punishment for bad behavior.  (In which case you would find me in Vail quite frequently.)  And if any kind benefactor out there would like to see rock sculptures in Hawaii, I'm readily available, and will be happy to make sculptures out of grains of sand.
This morning the sculpture was half down.  "OK" I think.  Five minutes of effort to put it back up.  However. it's 14 degrees F.  Well, I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid, so I put on my gloves rather than do it bare handed.  I figured I could spit on the rocks and they'd freeze together wherever I placed them.  I know you all went "Yew", but not to worry.  The spit froze before I could put one rock on top of another.
After 15 minutes and one occasion where the rocks fell down on my head, I was finished.  I took off my gloves and just managed to turn on the camera with my frozen, numb fingers.  Depressing the button to take the photo was almost impossible with the burning pain in my pointer finger, but I did it and then ran for the car.  The resultant sculpture is nice, but considering the "big" snow storm headed our way for Wednesday into Thursday, it's not likely to last long.  Just another day showing how all artists suffer to bring their works to life.

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