Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oy, Does My Back Hurt!

Thank you to Dr. Peter Wolf for the fine granite blocks he so kindly donated to my efforts to build rock sculptures throughout the known universe.  The fact that he just wants them off his property has no significance to the generosity of the donation.  (Hey, he did go to the trouble to seek me out and to lift them suckers into my car.)  And, damn, but those suckers are heavy.  They could be used for the definition of the word "heavy".
I used the granite blocks twice today.  This morning I went out to the City Ave./Conshohocken State Road sculpture and re-built it with the granite to make it bigger.  (Don't care what people may say, bigger IS better.)  And, as you can see in the picture, the sculpture certainly does look better.  I've also been trying to weed and maintain this little island of shrubbery.  People stop to ask what I plan to do with the property, like I own the place.  Then, look at me like I have two heads when I tell them that I just do this for the hell of it (or like a good neighbor).
In the afternoon, Richie and I got together and built a rock sculpture in his parents backyard.  (Did I mention those granite blocks were heavy?)  Used three of the granite blocks in the sculpture, along with several of my stash of rocks.  Richie was very helpful in both the lifting and the creativity of the sculpture.  Deana and Rob, Richie's parents, commented on how his senior project was the hit of his class.  Who knew that this would be such a big deal?  If only there were financial rewards, I could retire, hire a crew of young people and direct them in building rock sculptures.  Yo, I can dream, can't I?

Anyway, the results of our efforts needed to wait for Deana and Rob's approval.  They were out getting a lesson in how to use their I-Phones.  So, a second visit will be needed to mortar the smaller rocks into place.  However, I think Richie and I did a great job and have no doubt his parents will agree.

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