Sunday, May 1, 2011

Return to Radnor

Finally, yes, finally got back to my sculptures in Radnor.  The two at route 320 and route 30 are still in pristine condition.  Apparently no one goes into that area except the gardners, and they have been gracious enough to leave the sculptures as is.  (They fear the hex of the chupacabra, as well they should.) 
Naturally, the ones at Penn at Radnor and The Radnor Park were totally destroyed.  Thanks to the person at Radnor Park who tried to stack the rocks together again.  I also have to mention that I found the note left under the rocks from some fans who expressed how much they liked the sculptures.  I appreciate these comments because sometimes I need the boost to continue re-building sculptures that were obviously destroyed by others.  (Sic 'em chupacabra!)

Today, I went out with a hombre joven, Richie Weker, an 18 year-old doing his senior paper on the world renowned rock sculpturer, Ed Basner.  Ah, another wasted youth, who conned his teacher into accepting this as a worthwhile school assignment.  Yours and my tax-payer money at work.  He did, however, provide me with much appreciated assistance, and showed a decent eye for the esthetics of the sculpture.  Unfortunately, next weekend is the prom, so we won't be able build rock sculptures together.  Kid's gotta get his priorities straight.  Really, the Prom over building rock sculptures?   

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