Friday, April 22, 2011

Back to the Oak Hill Condo

This location is where I first started placing my rogue rock sculptures, and why I continued to build them.  Not only did the condo allow the sculptures to stay, but the residents who saw me building them always expressed their joy at seeing them.  Today Jaye Berman came by walking her dog, a minature French poodle, and stopped to ask if I was the person responsible the building all the sculptures.  "Yep, ya got me", says I.  "Well, thank you", says she, "I really enjoy seeing them".
 I enjoy seeing them - up and intact, but not a one at the Oak Hill was that way.  So, the afternoon was spent ressurecting the fallen sculptures into new rock sculptures.  Knowing that we're going to get rain, gusty winds and thunderstorms this weekend, I tried to mortar the sculptures as best I could to weather the weather.

They're all starting to look like sailing ships to me.  I'm planning to concentrate on going in a different direction with my up-coming ventures. (Yes, there will be more to come.  Try to brace yourself.)  Hopefully, I'll have a temporary helper in the future.  More about him to come, if and when it occurs.  Meanwhile, here's the Oak Hill Condos as of today.

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