Saturday, April 2, 2011

Caught in the Act

Decided to return to the rock sculpture at Conshohocken State Road & City Avenue to see if it was still intact.  Lo and behold it was still standing.  But there was a police wagon parked in the vacant gas station lot only 50 feet away from my site.  Well, "What the hell", I thought as I pulled around him and opened my trunk.  The plot needed the dandelions and trash removed, and now looked like a good time to do it.  Of course, as I did the clean-up, I also re-modeled the sculpture and cemented the smaller stones.  The police left (to go after more important law-breakers), yet someone was wildly honking at me.  I turned to see my sister and her husband laughing and pointing at me.  Caught me in the act of creation.  It made me realize that this sculpture is located in the most travelled location of any of my sculptures.  Is no place safe from my rogue, public art?

If that's my most public location, then this sculpture below is my most secluded location.  It's near the Ardmore Train Station, and really just visible to train riders unless you go way down the track in the Wynnewood direction.  I need to go back and cement it because it does seem to get whacked frequently from miscreants that sneak down there to drink and get high.  Guess they just don't appreciate fine art.

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