Monday, March 28, 2011

My Muse

I want to first thank Katie Pfeiffer who mentioned me in her blog having seen and enjoyed my rock sculptures, but not even knowing who or why they were there.  Until she wrote about me and showed photos of the sculptures, I thought of myself as just some rogue rock artist going out to enjoy some artistic expression.  I actually thought no one was even noticing these creations, and was frankly pleased I hadn't been arrested yet.  Katie is a true artist, very talented and well worth a visit to her site.
This morning was only supposed to be a visit to the Bala Cynwyd Library and a stop to drop off a couple of heavy base rocks for a future sculpture.  However, the island at Montgomery Ave. & Old Lancaster Ave. is on the way.  Last Autumn's sculpture had fallen down during the winter (of course).  Since there is a large, expensive sign at the island saying that the Merion-Cynwyd Civic Assoc. takes care of the plot, I know my rocks would not be long there with Spring on the way.  I couldn't leave with my rocks without trying to make the area look a little better than I found it.  Thus, I used the Home Depot stock garden blocks topped by one of my rocks as a small effort toward making the place nicer till the civic assoc. gets their act together.  Should that not happen, then they may find an even nicer sculpture in the locale, and I'll take over the gardening maintenance.

After the stop at the library (and forgetting the author's name - Patricia Cornwell - of the series I wanted to start reading) I got another Michael Connelly novel, and travelled on to Conshohocken State Rd. & City Ave.  I've had my eye on this abandoned gas station for a while and planned to quickly drop off two rocks and be on my way to Wawa.  To my surprise I found that the small island I'd chosen already had some pretty nice rocks on it.  And since I was there, and the rocks were there.....   It's nothing great, but it'll serve as a good test as to whether or not people will leave the sculpture alone or not.

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