Monday, March 21, 2011

The Re-building Period

The time after winter is always a tough time for me.  I have to visit rock sculptures that had fallen from the winter storms, and figure out just how I want them to look now.  Some I had already re-built were also visited by friendly youngsters who knocked down the sculpture leaving the tree limb on top of the rubble to remind me how much easier it is to destroy than create.  Thus, the Wynnewood Train Station has a whole new look.
The long, low sculpture is in my driveway.  It's really part of my inventory that evolved into a dragon (or whatever you think it is).  All those pine needles in front of it pushed me to start my Spring clean-up.  This endeavor will last throughout the Spring and Summer.  Meanwhile, the dragon is easy to care for and keeps the rabbits away from my impatiens.

I returned to the large sculpture at the deserted gas station at the intersection of Belmont Ave. and Rock Hill Road.  It was a mess.  I had no idea how to restore it, having forgotten how I managed to make the long base needed to support the upper structure.  A state trooper passed by giving me "the eye", and sending me into fourth gear.  The result looks really nice.  But will it last?

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