Sunday, June 5, 2011

It Ain't Heavy, Richie's Lifting It

Back to Penn at Radnor and Radnor Park where the sculptures were once again knocked down.  Can't wait for summer vacation, and the disappearance of all the kids that knock these down.  ( Were'nt they taken during the Rapture?)  Well, it gave Richie the opportunity to build some rock sculptures (with a little help from his Jedi Master). 
My back has been as bad as the Twilight Zone.  Doing my stretching excercises morning and night with only a modicum of success.  I was really happy to have Richie lift those heavy rocks.  Ah, yes, I remember those wonderful days of being a teenager.  Well, not really, since those years were decades ago, and I spent most of the time hybernating in my room wondering how to ask girls out on a date.  (No, I don't need your help now.  My wife would want to go along on the date - to criticize every thing I did.) 
Which leads me to next week.  We're going to Nigara Falls on the Lake.  So the rock sculptures will have to survive on their own, or not.  Give my back a rest.  They do let you swim below the Falls, right?

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