Sunday, June 26, 2011

Crap! It's gone!

Went to the Manayunk Arts Festival with Gloria, my wife, knowing that parking would be a hassle, but also knowing that I could park across from my rock sculpture at Belmont Ave.  A big surprise awaited me.  The sculpture was GONE!  Totally!  First, I picked my jaw up off the ground, and stopped crying.  A normal reaction whenever I see world-wide devastation in my own back yard.  I guess the construction crew finally decided they had a better use for the property.  Like, what the hell could they be thinking?
On the "sorta good news" side was the write-up in the Bala Cynwyd - Narberth Patch about my rock sculptures.  It wasn't the most complementary, but he did spell my name right, "Ed".  I mean, really, a picture of a can of Campbell's soup is art, but my sculptures aren't?  How about I put a can of Campbell's soup on the top.  Genius!!
And since the sculpture at the Hamper Shop was shown and identified in the article, it naturally was knocked down.  Ah, idle hands....  So I re-built it as a new sculpture, rather than replicate what was there.  I posted a few photos of it from different views to give more of the three dimensional aspect of it.

I also re-built the sculpture on City Ave./Conshohocken State Road.  The plants had over-grown the island, and my feeble body is less and less able to control the growth.  I'll check my souvenirs from 'Nam to see if there's any Agent Orange left.

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