Sunday, July 17, 2011

Even I Grow Weary

Three of my usually sturdy rock sculptures were down today.  Could it be the birds?  Could it be the squirrels?  Could it be unknown forces of nature from outside our universe?  (Dark energy?)  I think not.  The short wooden fence I placed near the large Wynnewood Train Station sculpture was completely apart as well.  So I'm thinking that there was human intervention involved.  (Actually think it was sub-human intervention.)
No matter who or what, I'm getting tired of investing my time, sore back and aching arms in this venture.  Just as my retirement produced a short-term stir of loss among some of my patients, the absence of these rock sculptures will not be sorely missed.  Just ask Picasso or Matisse (oh, they're dead - don't ask them, they won't answer) if they would be missed if they didn't paint another picture.  I've certainly left my mark on this world (after all were Picasso or Matisse ever interviewed by The Philadelphia Inquirer?).

But, of course, I did rebuild the rock sculptures.  Not with great enthusiasium or imagination (yo, it's like 92 degrees out there!), but I did re-build them.  Let's see how long they stay intact.  This whole endeavor into the world of street art may end soon.  And then all (4) of you interested readers will have more free time to invest in more significant pursuits.

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