Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Well, the rock sculptures can withstand an earthquake very nicely, but not a hurricane.  Yes, I know you're stunned to learn that.  Never the less, it's true.  I rocked my world and  knocked it to the ground.  I've only started to re-build, but it is a start.  Of course, I began at the Wynnewood Train Station.  Then I went to The Hamper Shop - which held up rather better than anywhere else.  And ended the day at The Oak Hill Condos, where I met a very nice couple out walking their dog, Cocoa, while admiring my art work.  Some folks have such good taste in art.

It's remarkably easy for these things to fall down than it is to build them.  Gravity is such a bummer.  Eventually, I'll have to use real cement if I want to make them more permanent.  I'm thinking that this will happen sooner, rather than later, since most of my time is spent re-building and not new building.  I have picked out a nice spot in Ardmore for a new sculpture.  It's right near the police administration building, so if you don't see my blog for a while (like 5 to 10 years), you'll know it wasn't a good decision to build a rock sculpture there.

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