Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake !!

Just what a builder of rock sculptures doesn't want to hear.  A 5.8 earthquake originating near Richmond, VA (Go Spiders), shook the ground for 30 seconds.  It also shook the TV, the bed and the house.  The dogs couldn't have cared less.  I wasn't sure that I had felt an earthquake (it was my first), so I tried MSN & Yahoo to see if they reported on it.  Nothing on either.  Had to go to the Twittersphere to get the up-to-the-minute news. 
So, I figure I'd check out the ruins of my rock sculptures this morning.  But, to my surprise, they were intact (yeah, that is one word).  Not a stone had dislodged.  Are these the same rock sculptures that I find knocked down periodically - sometimes daily - on a normal day?  Difficult to believe, but there it is.  My efforts shall live on way beyond my life.  Gaining in value and appreciated by millions (OK, maybe two or three more people and ten more dogs).

I did re-make the sculpture at Media Lima Dental in Media (that location, coincidence, I think not).  And rebuilt the sculpture at the Cambian Salon, by the exit of Rte. 352.  This was prior to the earthquake, so I don't know yet how they fared.  I'll check them out next week after hurricane Irene passes through.

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