Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ardmore Avenue Revisited (Often)

As predicted, the rock sculpture at Lancaster Ave. and Ardmore Ave. has been knocked down nightly.  The person(s) goes to great lengths to completely knock down even the heaviest rocks.  (I do so admire a diligent worker.)  Fortunately, I get my coffee at the Wawa in Ardmore West, so I stop every morning to re-build the rock sculpture (like I have nothing better to do with my time - which I, sadly, really don't). 
But it does give me time to refine the sculpture, and get many people giving me a thumbs up as they drive by.  I had a call from another writer for the Main Line Times who had seen the sculpture, and wanted to confirm that I had built it.  So, people do notice my works, though they have no idea what they mean.  (As if I do.) 
However, someone must have similar urges to create like me because I found the sculpture re-built a couple of times by another's hand.  (Or is that hands?)  I re-did the sculpture to my liking, thinking, "Yo, these are my rocks, my spot and my gig.  Go somewhere else and come up with your own idea."  Yet, I'm happy that this person constructs, rather than destructs.

I took photos of the sculpture yesterday and today.  To be honest, I was into it more yesterday, and more interested in getting my coffee this morning.  I really, really need my morning coffee! 

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