Monday, September 26, 2011

Ardmore Train Station (And Ardmore Ave. - Again)

It's been a while since I've visited my site near the Ardmore Train Station, so I returned to it only to find almost all the stones knocked back into the planted area.  No big surprise there.  This is another location that gets destroyed regularly.  It's a secluded spot, perfect for surreptitious (yes, I looked this word up in the dictionary.  So what?)  building of rock sculptures, as well as under-aged drinking and drug use.  I use the area for all three activities.  Shh, don't tell.
Since the rocks were still present, I re-built the sculpture.  You'd think that it would look the same as the original sculpture, but it doesn't.  I'd forgotten what it looked like originally.  I already forgot what I did yesterday, so there's no way I'd remember the original look of this sculpture.  Hope it stays up for a while.  I like the way it presents.  The spike adds some pizazz (don't see that word very often) to the piece.

And, of course, I re-built the Ardmore Ave. sculpture.  It took quite some time.  People stopped in cars, on bikes and on foot to talk to me about the rocks.  Even Mike, the owner of the car wash and this lot, came over to talk.  He told me that a mother and her young son stopped and built a small sculpture near mine.  It makes me happy to hear that my efforts have produced a creative learning experience, rather than an opportunity to destroy someone's artistic creation. 

A bike riding philosopher stopped by to comment on the plight of humanity, especially in this country, where it seems, we're going to hell in a hand basket quite rapidly.  All this because kids knock over my rock sculptures.  He suggested I plant a camera to catch the low-life culprits.  Right, then I could confront them and get the shit knocked out of me.  No thanks.  I'll stick with the Metamucil.

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