Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fame and Fortune Come My Way

The man in the photo is Luke Madeira.  He's taking a stop-action photo montage of me building (re-building, actually) the rock sculpture at Ardmore Avenue.  When it was completed, he interviewed me about my Rogue Rocks.  (I had neglected to tell him that I'm a much better rock sculptor than I am an interviewee.)  He's going to have a hell of a job of editing.  I'm much better speaking chair-side (dental chair, of course) than I am to a camera. 
Luke had seen my sculptures and thought it would be an interesting subject to film and offer to the world.  The fact that this co-incides with the capture and killing of Moammar Gadhafi is totally unrelated.  (Though I've no doubt Gadhafi would prefer the news were about my rock sculptures, as I'm, obviously, having a more enjoyable weekend than he is.)
Yes, (enough about Gadhafi), so we moved the site to the left about six feet to start with an empty plot.  You can see the previous sculpture was knocked down last night in the first shot.  (I found two pennies, a nickel and a quarter in the rubble.)  I moved the rocks one by one to the new site with Luke snapping away.  It's actually easier for me to build these quickly.  I get into a rhythm and find that the rocks dictate where they want to be.  (The Rock Whisperer lives!)  But I slowed down some for Luke.
When the sculpture was completed. he did the interview.  (I seriously hope the editing can make me look knowledgeable and charming.)
I've just gotten off the phone with Luke.  He said some of the interview doesn't sound good because of wind noise.  We're meeting tomorrow morning to re-do the interview, using a better mike.  Who said, "There are no second chances"?  (I think it was me.)   Let's see, another chance to sound like an idiot who goes out and piles rocks up or a chance to sound like Alistair Cooke (cool British commentator) who'd probably have nothing to do with rocks.  I'm stoked.

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