Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Ups and Downs of the Ardmore Ave. Sculpture

This rock sculpture is one of my largest and most complex.  It can be (and is) re-built in many varied and different ways (almost daily).  I've thought about putting up a "nanny" camera to catch a look at who knocks it down, but "who" and "why" don't really interest me.  I'm just happy to have the work in such a prominent location.  Every time I re-build it, I get to interact with the people walking and driving by.  Their curiosity and positive responses do wonders for my ego.  (So, how big is big?)  Well, "inflated" could be the right word, but let's not quibble over something so fragile.  (My ego, not the sculptures.)  Today, someone in one of the cars stopped for the traffic light, took a photo of the sculpture.  If they had told me they were going to do that, I would have gladly posed next to it.  They're probably sending it into the New York Times.  I'm sure I'll hear from the NYT soon.  (Like I don't send them photos every week myself.)
Anyway, I've also been getting help from the area residents in the re-buildings.  Sometimes they add rocks, and a couple of times there have been coins placed on the rocks.  Hey, starving artists need to eat, too. 

When I had finished re-building the sculpture and was in the car leaving, a Lower Merion police car drove into the lot next to me.  ("Great", I thought, "I get to make the local news again.  Only this time it would be in the weekly police report in the Ardmore-Wynnewood Patch".)  Fortunately, he was only curious about the sculptures, and not the creator.  I gave him one of my cards (yes, I really do have cards with my name on them), and a brief description of what it's all about.  Maybe I can get them to stand guard over them at night, so there will be fewer "downs" and thus fewer re-builds. 

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