Sunday, October 30, 2011

Street Cred - I Got It

I had to re-build my smaller rock sculpture at the Wynnewood Train Station.  As I'm putting it together, I noticed that one of the rocks had been "tagged" with magic marker.  I think "Wow, someone put street art on my street art".  It's doesn't really stand out much, which is why I took the close-up photo.  And you'll just have to trust me that I didn't do it myself.  I doubt that I have that sort of talent.  Is he trying to take credit for my work?  Should I be signing these rock sculptures?  Then someday someone can say, "See, I have a rock sculpture signed by the artist himself!".  (Or have I taken this a bit too far?)

The bottom picture is of the re-built sculpture at the Oak Hill Condos.  I doubt that it is still up, as the gardeners were using they're leaf blowers to clean the area while I was there.  They tend to not make an effort to avoid knocking into the sculptures.  They probably just don't notice them.                                                                                         

It matters not.  The sculpture is down since the Nor'easter went through yesterday.  It's too cold and snowy for me to go out and re-build.  Once the snow melts and the weather becomes balmier, I'll sally forth to restore all my traumatized sculptures.

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