Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rockin' In Radnor, PA

The township gardeners did their Fall clean-up at the Rte. 320 and Rte. 30 intersection.  Unfortunately, the rock sculptures located in this park area fell victim to their vigorous attention to detail.  That minor detail being the partial destruction of both sculptures.  It really was a shame.  These sculptures had stood the test of time.  (Well, at least for a couple of years.)  God knows, most of these sculptures fall (or are knocked) down nightly, so two years is a substantial amount of time.

Somehow I got a spurt of energy, and applied mortar to these two sculptures.  If left alone they should make it through the trials and tribulations of winter.  (Anybody wanting to see rock sculptures in Florida, please feel free to pay for my expenses there and back - as well as food, lodging, entertainment, etc.  I shall joyfully oblige.)  As it is, I bought an expensive pair of gloves so I can continue to maintain this idiocy during the winter here.

The rock sculpture at Penn  at Radnor was in fairly good shape.  I just gave it a minor touch-up.  However, the sculpture at Radnor Park was totally knocked down.  The rocks were strewn (ah, that college education, again) around the base rock in the leaves.  Yes, it's obvious, even to me, that someone doesn't care for my artwork.  BUT they left the rocks!  So, obviously, they want me to re-build it.  It's just a matter of making a sculpture they do like.  Right?  I know there were more rocks, but I wasn't able to find them all in the leaves.  It's not the greatest rock sculpture I've made there, but considering it is forever getting tossed about, it's good enough.  Besides I tire easily these days - oh hell, I"ve been a lazy SOB my whole life - and wanted to get home to write up the blog.

I've thrown in a nice photo of Gracie.  I was trying to get a picture of Shayna Punim (which you, of course, know is Yiddish for "pretty face") with her nose sticking out of the crate, when Gracie sat herself down in front of me.  It was a perfect pose.  Hope you like it, as well as the shot I was going for of Shayna. 

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