Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And It Snowed, Too.

A blizzard is never a good thing for precariously balanced rock sculptures.  Wind gusts of 50 miles per hour have a considerably deleterious effect on them.  Blanket these babies with snow and down they go.  So, while I enjoyed seeing the first snow of the winter fly by my window horizontally, I knew death and destruction awaited me after the storm. 
My trip past the Wynnewood train station proved my expectations to be correct.  Both sculptures lay in ruins amidst the snow.  Someone had gathered a few of the rocks of the smaller sculpture and placed them against the wood backdrop.  Thank you for doing that.  It really helped in the temporary re-building of that sculpture.  I'm hoping to find one of the rocks I use to form the base after the snow melts.  The new sculpture isn't a "Wow", but will suffice for now.
The major rock sculpture at the Wynnewood Station was also in disarray.  Here, I dug through the snow with my bare hands to find my rocks.  Since I had received some negative feed-back on the last re-building of this sculpture, I tried for a more imaginative look.  I like it better than the previous construction, and hope others do also. 
I was shocked to find that the sculpture at The Hamper Shop was totally obliterated.  No storm could have done this amount of destruction.  However, I had never really liked the way this one looked.  It's saving grace was it's durability.  Now that it needed to be re-built from the base up, I could make something I enjoyed seeing.  During this re-building, two ladies exited the shop and fussed over me and the joy they get from the sculpture.  Thanks, ladies, as I do wonder what (and if) people take note of them.

Lastly, I've included a photo of the sculpture at the Gin Za Japanese Restaurant.  Yes, under that pile of snow is a rock sculpture, or, more likely, its remnants.  We need more sun and warmth before that one gets some attention.

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