Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Re-built Media

Well, I really didn't re-build all of Media, only the two rock sculptures I have there.  The one in front of Media Lima Dental is probably my largest sculpture.  It certainly feels like a ton of rocks.  Many of them are the large, granite blocks that should stay up no matter how hard the wind blows.  So, I'm thinkin' it's not the wind that's blowing them down.  Gee, those Rock Tumblers seem to be everywhere.  I'd really like to know what goes through their minds when they knock these sculptures down.  Do they get a thrill of satisfaction that they've destroyed something that someone else built?  Do they get a thrill when they find it's been re-built, so they can show their superior strength by again knocking it down?  Who knows?  Maybe they know I built it, and they're ex-patients of mine.  That could explain their determination.  Nevertheless, I spent a lot of time re-building the sculpture with the thought in mind that stability was of great importance.

The rock sculpture at The Cambio Salon was totally knocked off the rock base.  Not so easy to do since I use three rocks as support for the flat platform on which I build the sculpture.  (I'm doing the same thing at the Ardmore Ave. sculpture with the same results - it still gets knocked down.)  Yes, sometimes even I wonder why the Hell I continue to build these things.  I know some people enjoy seeing them as they stop to tell me so.  Yet, there's nothing truly rewarding in balancing rocks that get knocked down all the time.  (Somehow, the one in front of my house doesn't get knocked down.  Oh yeah, like I'd tell you where I live.)  Could it be this is my only claim to fame?  My mark on the world?  (Like I haven't affected the lives of thousands of patients with my dentistry?  And, how significant is that dentistry, when Clara M. just died taking all my caring dentistry with her to the grave?)  Maybe, these rock sculptures are my attempt to make a more lasting impression on the world.  If so, the Rock Tumblers are there to make sure my impression will be short lived.  Anyway, here's the result of the new sculptures in Media.

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