Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hijacked By Google

Went to my blog site and found that it's been taken over by Google Chrome.  I spent an hour trying to get to the blog to write about "nothing", but was thwarted by the ingenious devils at Google.  This is why I don't own a gun.  If I had owned a gun, I would have driven to Google HQ and shot up the place.  I'll hold a grudge FOREVER over this needless bit of aggravation.  Fortunately, my wife managed to get me on the blog site, saving Google from death and devastation (for now).  Though only God (and my wife) knows if I'll ever be able to get back here again.
I was re-building the rock sculpture at Ardmore Ave. (yes, it is my favorite past-time), when a young man gleefully approached me.  "Wow, you're the guy who builds the rocks?"  How could I deny it when that is exactly what I was doing, so I said, "Yes".  Stephen then told me how much he enjoyed the sculpture and my persistence at re-building it.  He's a singer and song writer, and I had inspired him to write a song about the rock sculpturer.  He had to have been telling the truth because he started singing the song he had written.  Come on now, how many of you have had a song written about you?  I was really on a high, though somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking, "Bob Dylan has nothing to fear from this particular ditty."
Not that I have much room to criticize someone in the music biz.  I'm almost stone death (Yeah, I meant the pun - sorry.)
So, here are some photos of what the sculpture looked like two days ago, and what it morphed into last night after work.

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